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Revolution EVO is designed to meet requirements of our era, while potential future difficulties are predicted. It is designed for largest spectrum of patients and applications ranging from complex trauma or cardiac cases to abnormally high emergency medicine admissions that create challenges in terms of workflow and resources. Design of Revolution EVO is optimal for healthcare organizations that do not sacrifice advanced features, such as high resolution, in order to boost daily efficiency. The system is very appropriate for cases that require lowest possible dose. Moreover, it provides you with simple and efficient options to increase number of doctors, who refer patients to your facility, and extend range of services you provide to the community. Revolution EVO is designed to help you get a system that can achieve your objectives, has a performance to meet your daily needs and offers upgrade option for the future.


-It does not only saves time for diagnosis thanks to silent, super-fast and effective scan technique, but it also created more efficient images.
-It reduces dose of radiation exposed by human. We attach significant importance to dose of radiation especially in repeated scans, multi-phase scans, children and young patients. Dose management is strongly prioritized in this device.
-Image quality is high, as spatial resolution of the system is 0.28 mm.
-The system acquires images that meet requests of clinicians, as diagnostic reliability of images is high.
-Detector coverage area: 16 cm
-High image quality with a scan that is independent from step artifact in a single heart beat.
-Low radiation dose
-Functional examination even in single shot
-Myocardial perfusion
-Almost zero patient repetition


Diagnosis of bone fractures, disorders or bone tumors
Internal organ injuries and internal bleeding
Determining location of tumor, infection or blood clot in body
Surgery, biopsy or radiation therapy planning
Visual guidance for certain interventional procedures such as biopsy or needle aspiration
Diagnosis of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, lung nodules and mass lesions in liver.
Measurement of bone resistance
Monitoring efficiency of certain treatments, such as anti-cancer treatment.
Determining stage of cancer
Colorectal cancer screening
Kidney and urinary bladder stones
Inflammatory diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and sinusitis.

-High-resolution, motion-independent coronary images in a single heart beat for all heart rates thanks to smart motion correction
-Comprehensive cardiac examination in a single heart beat with low dose in all patients – coronary arteries, rest/stress perfusion and function.
-Ability to get Perfusion and BTA data in a single run.
-4D imaging for all anatomies through whole organ imaging to visualize vascular flow, organ motion or kinetic parameters.
-Dynamic, low-dose perfusion up to 16 cm for cardiac, neurology or body applications thanks to motionless table, personalized coverage area and sampling.
-Special HD cardiovascular and head/neck angiography in a single low-dose run for comprehensive examination of stroke.
-Scans that last shorter than a second for imaging studies without sedation in typical trauma cases and pediatric patients thanks to large detector and high table speed up to 437 mm/s.
-We will get more comfortable MR imaging means with high qualifications in group of patients, who were difficult to be scanned in the past. For example, we will focus on patient comfort better in geriatric and pediatric patients, who have specific requirements and are difficult or sometimes impossible to communicate with. They will not be affected by noise and diagnostic quality of images will not decrease due to involuntary motions.
-Quick and comprehensive TAVI planning with special protocols that allow EKG gated and non-gated imaging in a single run.
-We will use Coronary CT Angiography frequently. Since scan rate is very high, the system is not dependent on heart rate of patients to run these sequences; moreover, other advantageous of the system are low amount of contrast agent and low radiation dose.
-We will be able to diagnose the risk before actual development of myocardial infarction and to eliminate risk of myocardial infarction secondary to stenosis of coronary arteries with preventive treatments and stent implants thanks to Coronary CT Angiography that can be used to check people, who have positive family history for heart diseases.
-Holding breath will not be required for abdominal imaging. These are innovative functions that are automatically run by the device in background.

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