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Primarily, GE Explorer scanner has maximized patient comfort during scans. Faster acquirement of images, lower noise and more comfortable positions help patients feel comfortable.
-As it is already known, any metallic object in body of patients causes artifacts on images of MRI. Therefore, evaluation of that body part becomes almost impossible. However, this device substantially eliminates image distortions caused by metallic artifacts. Thus, workload of radiologists is quietly alleviated and it becomes possible to make a diagnosis. This technology is a very valuable advantage for physicians.
-The device has another advantageous feature; in the focus scan mode, the scanner focuses on and acquires detailed images of the target body part. This advantage increases accuracy rate of diagnosis dramatically.
-Another important feature is the motion correction technology. Although staying still inside the device is very important in terms of image quality, some patients cannot stay still involuntarily due to various reasons. Since motions distort images, ability to make a diagnosis becomes difficult. However, this new feature corrects motions of patients during scan and an image almost without motion artifact is created. This function is a very important novelty for children, who do not usually follow the instruction of staying still while images are acquired.
-The device can run almost all advanced MRI sequences.

  • - MR Spectroscopy
  • - Functional MRI,
  • - Perfusion MRI,
  • - MR Arthrography
  • - Whole Body MRI
  • - Breast MRI,
  • - Multiparametric MRI of Prostate
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