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What is Rectoscopy (Rectosigmoidoscopy, Proctoscopy)?

Proctoscopy (rectoscopy or rectosigmoidoscopy) implies examining the interior lining (mucosa) of rectum with a special device. Rectum measures 12-15 cm in length and it connects colon to anus. It creates the external orifice of colon. Stool and gas is passed out..

When should Rectoscopy (Rectosigmoidoscopy – Proctoscopy) be performed?

Rectoscopy is considered in addition to physical examination for diagnosis of anal and rectal diseases. Doctors can consider this examination to investigate cause of blood in stool, perianal pain, fistula and difficulty in passing stool. In addition, this method is often used for treatment of polyps located in anus and rectum and post-treatment follow-up.

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