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Defne Hastanesi corporate

Safely for a Better Life…

Monitoring scientific and technological developments by outstanding and quality staff, focusing on satisfaction of patients, relatives and employees and aiming to be the indicator of quality in healthcare in the territory by making difference in the sector through pioneering procedures and service approach beyond quality standards, Defne Hospital proceeds with ever increasing acceleration in its quality thanks to patients, relatives, good-humored personnel, specialized doctors and other personnel.

Vision & Mission


Being the most efficient, most reliable and most sustainable model with highest quality in hospital services

  • Our Values
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Patient and Employee Satisfaction
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

  • Mission

    Working in a top-tier, quality and efficient manner by monitoring global scientific and technological advancements with our specialized employees in order to delivery better services to our patients.

    Our Quality Policy

    It is established in order to ensure adoption of our corporate objectives by employees and deliver high-quality services by focusing on development and innovation and providing personnel with continuous education and training to help them deliver quality and contemporary healthcare service

  • Quality healthcare with modern technology of contemporary medicine
  • National and international patient attack> providing quality service
  • Protector of the people and catching up with their development
  • continuously improve and train patient relatives and staff
  • Optimal financial performance
  • Failure to complete the Quality Management System before completion, normal continuation
  • Continuous sustainability

  • Our Duties as Quality Unit
  • To coordinate the work of the units within the framework of national and international standards
  • Evaluating the results of the department's analysis for department objectives
  • Managing self-assessments
  • Evaluating patient and employee survey results
  • To protect the Rights and Responsibilities of patients and their relatives
  • Our Information Security Management System Policy

    Our primary goal is to ensure the trust of the institutions, organizations and patients/patient relatives and to ensure the security of our information assets. In this context; Our relations with the patients/patient relatives, official institutions and suppliers we cooperate with are very valuable. The continuity of the services we provide, the confidentiality of the information we hold, and the integrity of our customers or information assets within ourselves are of high importance.

    As the Main Principles of Our Information Security Policy...
  • Ensuring the security of all information assets belonging to Koru Hospital, its patients/patient relatives, staff, suppliers and solution partners
  • Identifying possible risks on Information Assets and establishing a risk management using methods such as risk acceptance, risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk control and risk transfer
  • To protect corporate information against all kinds of internal or external, intentional or unintentional threats
  • Protection of information confidentiality against access by unauthorized persons who try to compromise its integrity
  • To ensure business continuity and to minimize potential losses
  • To ensure the continuity of the studies on Information Security and to continuously improve and improve
  • We are committed to keeping our policy open to all our employees and everyone's review.

  • Our Quality Organization Structure

    Our Vertical and Horizontal Coordination and Integration Points:
    The Quality Organizational structure is specified in the Quality "Organization Chart" and the Quality Management is located at the top level. The Quality Directorate, which is responsible for the operation of quality from the field, is vertically subordinate to the General Manager, which is horizontally subordinate to the directorates in the hospital. Units connected vertically to the Quality Unit and horizontally connected to each other are as follows.

    Our Quality Management System Committees:
  • Quality Council
  • Employee Comments Evaluation Commission
  • Education Committee
  • Infection Committee
  • Patient Opinion Evaluation Committee
  • Committee for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Radiation Safety Committee
  • Facility Safety Committee
  • Transfusion Committee
  • Drug Management Committee
  • Our Teams Affiliated to the Quality Unit:
  • Code Blue Team
  • White Code Team
  • Code Pink Team
  • Nutrition Team
  • Internal Audit Team
  • Our Department Quality Officers:

    It was created by employees at the level of responsibility representing each department.

    Our Corporate Services:
  • Institutional Structure
  • Quality Management
  • Document Management
  • Risk Management
  • Security Reporting System (Unwanted Event Notification)
  • Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Education Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Our Patient and Employee Oriented Services:
  • Patient Experience
  • Accessing the Service
  • End of Life Services
  • Healthy Working Life

  • Our Health Services:
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Tissue Typing Laboratory

  • Our Support Services:
  • Facility Management
  • Hospitality Services
  • Information Management
  • Material and Device Management
  • Medical Records and Archives Unit
  • Waste Management
  • Outsourcing

  • Our Indicator Management:
  • Section Based Indicators
  • Clinical-based Indicators
  • Our Responsibility and Relationships:

    The responsibles of each unit are determined by the management they are vertically affiliated with and presented to the Quality Management's opinion. In line with the appropriate opinions of the hospital manager, it is communicated to the persons with the assignment. Assignments can be revised according to needs and new assignments can be made.

    Our Organizational Procedures:

    Committees in the quality organizational structure, in accordance with the "Quality Committees Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities Procedure", meet on the specified dates and evaluate the issues specified in their duties, authorities and responsibilities and take their decisions. Quality responsibilities come together at least once in three months. They share the problems related to their processes.


  • Chairman of Board : Barbaros Hayrettin TAŞAR
  • Chief Doctor : Op.Dr.Haydar MISIRLIOĞLU
  • Deputy Chief Doctor – Member of Board : Uzm.Dr.Ali KUH
  • Financial Affairs Director : Atilla ARIMAN
  • General Manager: : Ozan GÜNGÖR
  • Deputy General Manager : Ali Acar ARICA
  • Deputy Manager of Hospital : M.İbrahim ÜNAL
  • Chief Nurse : Gülsen KEPOĞLU
  • Supply/Purchase Manager : Ela BURĞURCU
  • Quality Manager : Sevim ÖLÇMEZ
  • Informatics Manager: : Özhan ÖZYURT
  • Public Relations Manager: : Buket BUĞDAYCIGİL
  • Human Resources Manager : Seda CAN
  • Technical Services Manager : Orhan YURTTAGÜL
  • Contract Organizations Officer : Fuat SAKUÇOĞLU
  • Why Defne Hospital

    Defne University meets advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods with rapidly advancing technologies and all healthcare services are tailored to ensure patient satisfaction based on multidisciplinary approach and to fulfill quality requirements and international standards. The hospital serves patients since 2008 in an area of 18.000 square meters, where 223 beds, 6 operating rooms and 69-bed intensive care unit are available.

    Advanced Vision

    We develop all aspects of our organization by closely monitoring recent developments and technologies in health.

    Most Up-to-date Health Technology

    Now, you can access to laboratory reports with only one click using the most up-to-date health infrastructure of our hospital

    “Your Hospital”

    It is our duty to provide you with best services in most correct area based on the view of “Your Hospital” that we have adopted and implemented.

    24/7 Service

    We are here at every moment round the clock for your health

    Contract Organizations


  • Fortis Bank Inc. Retirement Fund
  • Garanti Bank Inc. Retirement and Solidarity Fund
  • T.C. Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank Inc. Retirement Fund and Solidarity Foundation for Members
  • Türkiye Halk Bank Inc., Foundation of Retirement Fund
  • Türkiye İş Bank
  • Vakıf Bank
  • Yapı Kredi Bank, Retirement Fund and Solidarity Foundation for Members
  • Private Health Insurances

  • Acıbadem Sigorta
  • Allianz Sigorta A.Ş.
  • Anadolu Sigorta A.Ş.
  • Eureko Sigorta
  • Mapfre Sigorta A.Ş.
  • Türkiye Sigorta A.Ş.
  • Contract Organizations

  • Antakya Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Hatay Dialysis Center
  • Hatay Society of Private Nursery Schools and Infant Schools
  • İlksan (Fund of Primary School Teachers)
  • Memur-Sen (Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions)
  • Koru Medilab
  • Fund of Care and Solidarity for Policemen (POLSAN)
  • TEİAŞ (Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation)
  • TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute)
  • Turkish Union of Education
  • Turkish Grand National Assembly (T.B.M.M.)
  • TÖB-SEN (Syndicate of Union of All Teachers)
  • Union of Healthcare Professionals
  • SGK (Social Security Institute)
  • Supplemental Health Insurances

  • Acıbadem Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Allianz Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Anadolu Supplemental Health Insurance
  • AXA Sigorta
  • ANA Sigorta
  • Arex Sigorta
  • Aveon
  • Bereket Retirement
  • CGM Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Cigna Health, Life and Retirement Inc.
  • Doğa Sigorta
  • Ethica Sigorta
  • Halk Life and Retirement Insurance
  • Quick Sigorta
  • Groupama Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Generali Sigorta
  • Katılım Retirement and Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Mapfree Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Magdeburger Sigorta
  • NN Health and Retirement
  • Sampo Japon Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Ray Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Türkiye Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Türk Nippon Sigorta
  • Unico Sigorta
  • Ziraat Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Zurich Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Patient Admission

    Our hospital delivers healthcare services round the clock. This fact applies particularly to Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Laboratory, Imaging Unit, Ambulance Services and Operating Rooms. Patients are physically admitted to the hospital in routine processes. ID card is asked in the admission. Our Hospital has a Class A Quality Management System Certificate and thus, all healthcare services are under control of quality. Patient Rights Regulations and practices are followed at Patient Admission phase. Patients are informed about all their rights. Services are delivered after informed consent is obtained. Feedback is requested for all failures. We aim to delivery safest healthcare services at most appropriate conditions, quickest and most correct manner

    Human Resources Policy

    • Employing correct personnel for correct position according to qualifications and needs
    • Allowing employees contribute to their personal development and to the organization.
    • Creating awareness of corporate culture.
    • Ensure that our employees use their information and skills in best manner
    • Creating an innovative and safe environment that is open to development by motivating our employees in order to make them enjoy their job.
    Recruitment Procedure
    • Needed positions are determined by head/chief of relevant department.
    • Candidates are searched according to department-based criteria that are determined by the organization.
    • Baseline interviews and reviews are undertaken by human resources department or an assigned committee.
    • Candidates, who are deemed appropriate for relevant position, are referred to managers of relevant department for second
    • interview. Work performance, communication, adaptation to position and references (previous employments and impressions left in previous workplaces) are searched for candidates, who are decided to be employed. As a result, recruitment process is started for the candidate.
    Orientation Process
    • • Aim of orientation training is to ensure quick adaptation of the new employee and efficient work as soon as possible
    Süreç Aşamaları
    • The orientation booklet that introduces the organization is read.
    • Quality policy, mission, vision and objectives of the organization are explained
    • Employee is informed about operations of the organization
    • The unit, where the employee will work, is introduced
    • Physical introduction of hospital in a building tour.
    • Introducing the new staff to colleagues and chiefs.
    • Staff is informed about his/her rights and responsibilities (badge, rules about overtime, working hours, leave procedures, information about dress codes)
    • Staff is informed and trained about system of hospital.

    Organizasyon Şeması

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